At Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation, we gauge our worth through the business success of our clients. We will help your business grow by developing practical and technically sound solutions for you. We offer flexible and comprehensive strategies that address most of the issues that affect your business. We understand that several businesses start with limited capital and require assistance from outside sources such as loans to grow. Lending parties extend business loans to businesses that require a loan and the whole loans scenario may seem complicated. That is why we are here; to help you plan and take control of your business.


Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation will assist you in crafting business plans that are easy to understand and this will help you to communicate the business plan to lenders. We also facilitate a broader range of business financing options for different situations and credit types. We offer effective financing advice in a confidential, professional and prompt manner as we aim to provide tailored and personalized service to both our existing and new clients.


We can help you acquire loans

  • Investing in real estate, construction of new premises, purchase of land and building and for business improvement and expansion
  • To acquire existing business and franchise
  • To fuel the growth of your business, boost inventory as well develop new products and markets
  • To purchase business assets
  • To finance and support the business’s technology projects