tax-timeIf you wish to get a comprehensive answer to facilitate the achievement of your business objectives or simply one particular agenda in mind, Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation can help you. We have an established reputation of professionalism and outstanding performance in supporting our clients in their businesses and professional objectives towards achieving growth. We have experts in the fields of taxation, accounting and other services related to finance. To guarantee that our clients maximize on the performance of their businesses while at the same time maximising on taxes and securing their investment, Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation offers the following range of services:

  • Tax planning, preparation and consultancy
  • Federal and Provincial Sales Tax (GST/HST)
  • WSIB filing requirements
  • Personal and Corporate Income Taxes
  • SR&ED Tax Refund or Credit Consulting
  • Payroll Services
  • Estate and Trust Tax Preparation

Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation we will handle all the details and issues related to your taxes. All you need is to trust us with your business irrespective of its size. We deal with both large firms and small businesses. Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation offers flexible and adjustable solutions to your business to match with the diverse needs of your business. All your personal taxation needs will also be handled professionally in Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation to ensure your satisfaction.

Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation will work with you hand in hand to facilitate the maximization of your taxes and profits. Our team of experts will assist you on the strategies and approaches to use in compliance with the taxation law to maximize your returns. Choose the alternative that suits your needs and our team of professionals will be waiting to start working with you right away.