Should you buy or lease you equipments?

At Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation we understand that your business is faced with crucial decisions on whether it is economical to buy equipments or simply lease for the time being. Depending on your needs, we will propose solutions and present to you the upsides and downsides of both buying and leasing. We employ strategies and criteria that are efficient, economical and are cost effective in helping you decide to lease or purchase your equipment.


Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation is a full service financial agent that is committed to providing financial solutions for all business equipment needs. Ranjit Brar CPA Professional Corporation is experienced in analyzing various cases when it comes to sourcing ideal custom financing solutions from multiple sources. This ensures that you get a funding source that is suitable for meeting the financial needs of your capital equipment acquisitions. Ranjit Brar CGA Professional Corporation works with you in every step of the way to generate solutions that meet the precise needs of your company. We guarantee you flexibility, a quick funding procedure and quick credit approvals. This ensures that you will begin earning proceeds from your equipment as soon as possible.

Features of our Leasing Program:

  • Funding of GST and HST
  • Financing of both new and used equipment
  • Simple application and immediate approvals
  • Lease to Own option
  • Services throughout Canada
  • Sale Leaseback where you can get funds for your own equipment
  • Maximum funding
  • Funding appeals (ranging from $20,000-$5 million)

Examples of Equipments featured in the program:

  • Welding Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Transport Equipment (e.g. trailer, bus, truck)
  • Computers and other Office Equipment
  • Construction and Engineering Equipment
  • Boom Trucks and Cranes
  • Material Handling